I am a procrastinator.  I freely admit to it.  It has been even more apparent as I am working on SUPAH!.  I am constantly bombarded by distractions in the form of YouTube videos I watch, Google Plus, television, or any number of other things that are around me hee at home.  That is why I don’t do work from home type jobs, I would never get any work done because I would be constantly distracted by things I know I have around me at home.  I prefer going into an office or store (if I am in retail), to work so I know that I can get things done and not be distracted.  For instance, tonight I was going to work on SUPAH!, but I ended up looking at TV at Extreme Bunkers…*sigh*.  Then I had an idea pop into my head…again…

 I had a conversation yesterday with +Josh Mannon and I made the comment that “I never had so many ideas pop into my until I started designing my own game.”  I had an idea then to redefine the oWOD (old World of Darkness) from White Wolf Game Studio.  I dismissed the idea for now as that would take up too much time IMHO, and I need to focus on the projects I have on my plate now.

Savage Worlds Deluxe Expl. Ed.
So tonight, as I am sitting in front of the Mac (yes my wife owns an Mac…sue me…:p), I had an idea about Film NOIR.  I have always loved that genre, and have watched several movies scripted in that time period.  So the idea was to take Savage Worlds ( yes I know…another system to learn…), Film NOIR, and “mash” them together to see what we get.  That idea warrants more research, so I better stick a pin in it…”poop” and come back to it later.
Now that it is so late, I should take my butt to bed, but I want to re-read SW a bit, to re-familiarize myself with it.
Stay tuned to see what happens next!  Same bat-time, Same bat-channel.