Ok after my post the other day about how Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding out for a Hero” song is the perfect inspiration for me to work on my game SUPAH! (#SUPAH on Google +) .  Well looking over this video again and again, leads me into some dramatic insights…

First and foremost is that among those Avengers who have powers of some sort (Super-soldier serum, Gamma irradiated anger management issues, godly power, or high tech armor.) Hawkeye and Black Widow hold their own, and more importantly, have some pivotal fight scenes in the movie.  We all know this is possible because of Batman, who will stand toe to toe against anyone and not even flinch.

This got me to thinking about my game.  I just don’t want a universe where everyone has a super ability and being normal is a bad thing.  I want people to see that even if you don’t have powers, you can still have an impact into the game.  And to that extent, I am going to be taking a second and maybe even a third look at my SUPAH! Abilities again to see if there are any additions that can be made or tweaks that can be done to the existing powers.

I have also come up with a new name for my SHIELD/GI JOE hybrid organization.  I know this acronym and name has been used before, but I like it and I like how it makes you think about your surroundings so without further ado….

MASK-Mobile Armored Strike Kommand

Don’t touch that dial!  Same Bat-time, same Bat-Channel