Old Gamerz Studios Update 7/27/2013

So, it has been awhile since I posted an update about the state of affairs of Old Gamerz Studios, so here it is…

First I want to send a shout-out to my buds +Quinn Murphy and +Khairul Hisham .  Quinn for providing me a soundboard to get some things off my chest and into perspective and Hish for sending me a link to some killer inspirational music.  With that out of the way, progress has resumed on my superhero RPG, SUPAH! The SUPAH!-Heroic RPG.  I have really been struggling with personal issues recently and also my own misgivings about the projects I have taken upon myself.

I am a procrastinator by habit, and I just did not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I was doubting my work, and just not trusting my instincts.  Quinn helped me to see through all the BS I was putting up and he gave some great advice that I plan to put into effect.

First thing I am going to do is to sit down and finish the re-write of the skills section I had talked about, and then send it out to a couple of my G+ friends to look over along with the dice mechanics section.  I need some feedback to see if the direction I want to go in will work.  I am too overly critical of my work, and that is where Quinn helped me see I was making a mistake listening to the critic in my head.

Hish was on the money when he sent me the link to a song from the movie Oblivion, and it helped put me in the right mood for returning to work on this project.

So stay tuned and check your email’s I may be sending some of you something in the near future…