SUPAH!-The SUPAH! Heroic RPG living at the CORE of FATE

FATE Core System

Well, it has been awhile since I put anything up here.  It has been a rough couple of months.  I have been struggling with SUPAH! and the direction I wanted to go.  After a bit of soul searching, and talking with my amigos on Google Plus, I went back into designing with a renewed sense of purpose.  Then as I was working on the skills section, that familiar feeling of “why am I doing this?”  And I began to question myself on the game again.  To help overcome that feeling, I went to my FLGS, Atomic Empire, with the intent to sell some of my Magic the Gathering cards that I had left over to them, and to get some inspiration by being in a different setting.  Well after looking up the cards I had, and then giving it to them, I had a nice chunk of change on a gift card to use.  I went to the gaming section, and they had a copy of FATE CORE and FATE Accelerated.  I picked them both up and rushed home to begin reading them.

As I sat there going through them, an idea hit me.  They have systems in place for creating a game using FATE.  Why not re-design SUPAH! to use the FATE system?  It is highly customizable, everyone is playing it now, and it is the new hotness.  So it was then that I decided to convert over to FATE.  I found on DriveThruRPG, the world creation rules called “The SPARK of FATE”.  I downloaded and printed them out, and began redoing the world setting using the advice in the PDF.  I am almost finished with that and then on to aspects for the game.

I am still going to use the rules and dice mechanic I came up with, I just think it would work better with a different setting.  So there you have it, the abbreviated version.  If you want to know the whole story, you’ll have to buy me dinner and a movie.  (I am not a cheap date either…:P)