FATE System Toolkit

FATE System Toolkit


By Evil Hat Productions

The FATE System Toolkit is an expansion for the Fate Core System.
This Fate System Toolkit is packed with system ideas to bring those dreams to life.
You can learn how to hack the skill system to better suit your campaign.  Get ideas on how to create races and societies for your game, whether they are woodland elves, subterranean aliens, or afterlife police force. Customize the magic starters to create your own system, and use the gadget starters to bring your gear to life.
Whatever genre you’re gaming, you’ll find a wide array of customizable concepts and optional rules in the Fate System Toolkit to take your campaign to the next level.
Fate System Toolkit.
Raise your game!


Number of players: 3-6
Age of players: 12+
Length: 2-8 hours
Type of Game: Roleplaying Game Supplement for Fate Core
Languages Available: English
Suggested Retail: $20
Format: Hardcover Book and Digital Formats (PDF, Mobi, ebook)
Release Date: 2013 Q4
Game Designers: Robert Donoghue, Brian Engard, Mike Olson, Brennan Taylor, Mark Diaz Truman, and Matthew Gandy