Old Gamerz Studios Update 10/16/2013

Fate Core

It has been awhile since any update on the Old Gamerz Studios front, so here it is…I mentioned before how I was going to work SUPAH! into a game using the Fate rules, that is still going to happen, just a little longer than I expected.  There are some issues in my personal life that I have to take care of, so work on this project has slowed down.  I need to get a new computer system to work on, as well as a way to convert my files I have on  my SD card that was plugged into my wife’s MAC to a windows format.  I don’t want to start from scratch, as I have a lot of work done already.

I am also exploring other options as I take this journey.  Maybe make a setting treatment for Fate.  Stay tuned and I will keep you updated.