Old Gamerz Studios Update-12/01/2013

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Well, it has been a while since I posted anything here.  Lots of things have been going on since I last put finger to keyboard.  To all my G+ friends and fans, I have not fallen off the earth, (although sometimes it seems like it.) I have taken a hiatus of sorts as I transition into this new job I have, different living arrangements (coupled with having no means of transportation of my own to speak of.), and a general BLEH about my projects right now.  I still have some things in mind, I just have to wrap my head around them first.  I am going to go back to old school and put pen to paper (GASP!), until I can get a decent laptop to work on.  I have been passing the time away after work playing Dragon Age Origins on Xbox, (how did I miss this one?) and i have to say I am enjoying it immensely.  I have completed to game playing the Dwarven noble, and now I am on track as the Dalish Elf.  I have also gotten the downloadable content which gives me the Stone Golem as an adventurer and I have the Grey Warden Keep as well.  This has also moved me to more fantasy, as I am mostly interested in modern style games.  I can’t really wrap my head around fantasy because I don’t have a frame of reference, as from what I have seen, there are no notable people of color who are human (not dwarves, elves, trolls, orcs, or goblins.) in the fantasy I see.  That should be rectified, but short of creating my own world and populating it, there is not much hope in that happening.

But I digress…suffice to say, I am still going to work on something, I just may have to change my focus, get out of this deep funk I am in, and see what oozes from the little grey cells of my brain.

Same Bat-time,
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