Lack of Updates-2/23/2014

Wow!  A new year and almost 2 months with no posts from me!  I feel so ashamed…I feel I have let you all down.  Well…, enough of that pity party.  I could go on for hours and hours about this subject.  Sometimes I sound like a broken record.  I bet you are wondering what is the cover art for Savage Worlds doing here?  Well for one, I am professing my love for the system and it’s flexibility.  Secondly, I am playing in a homebrew game that one of my friends is running with Savage Worlds and the ruleset.  It is fun so far, and has it’s history in Roman/Viking lore.  I am playing a Nord, which is basically a Viking, and my character is a blacksmith who makes weapons for the party.  Third, I am thinking of coming up with a Plot Point setting/adventure for Savage Worlds.  Now this does not mean that I am scrapping my own ruleset that I have, but I need to take a stab at an established system first before tackling my own.  Plus I get distracted and frustrated very easy, so I don’t want to lose the work I have done on my own ruleset.

Now, here comes the kicker…I am doing this the old fashioned way…using pen and paper.  Right now I do not have full access to a laptop/desktop computer to work more religiously on it, so I have to go “old school” (which is pretty ironic considering the name of my studio…thanks again +Jeremy Kostiew for making such a kick-ass logo!)  So going “old school” means it is going to take me longer, and it is going to present numerous opportunities for procrastination.  So I will have to push myself more to accomplish anything, and not let my personal issues cloud my determination and drive.

These other designers out there are very talented, and I hope I can live up to what I have read from them so far.  Guys like +Greg Christopher , +Andy Kitkowski , +Shane Hensley , +Fred Hicks , +Sean Patrick Fannon , +Charles Stacy II , and +Quinn Murphy and +Quinn Conklin .  These are some very big shoes to fill, and I am glad that I know these guys on G+.  My view of games, game systems, and gaming in general has been enhanced by talking with these guys, along with the other 800+ I have in my RPG circle on G+

Let us go down this road together, and see where it takes us…