The Flash-Trailer recap: Rogue Air (or Villain team up powers “Activate”)

Pre-Justice League pose anyone?

Well we have all seen the trailer to the next episode of The Flash.  We know that this is the showdown between Eobard and Barry, with Barry calling in some help from both The Arrow and Firestorm.  But what we don’t know is that this will not be the only fight that we will see in this episode, as Barry makes a deal with Captain Cold to help him get the rest of the Metas out as Eobard activates the particle accelerator at the end of the last episode and says, “time to go home”.  As we all know, if the accelerator kicks into overdrive, it will spell the end of all the Metas that are imprisoned there.

Can you really trust Cold and Golden Glider?

Now we all know that villains will be villains, and Cold will betray Barry at some point. as this next picture shows us, when spilling  out from the trailer are Weather Wizard, The Mist, Rainbow Raider, Deadbolt, and finally, PeekaBoo.  This will be an interesting fight as Barry may have to take it to the next level to defeat them all before he takes on Thawne.

Rogues Gallery-ASSEMBLE! (yes I had to go there…)

Now one of the highlights of the trailer is the showdown between Flash and Eobard when Ollie and Ronnie show up and say, “I hope we’re not too late”.  Next Barry says, you can’t fight all three of us, then Eobard states, “this is going to be fun.”  We then get to see the costume ring in action as Thawne activates his ring and puts on his costume…all I can say at that is AWESOME!

Costume ring, do your thing!

The other thing you have to remember is that this is not the season finale!  I think that will be a Flashpoint kind of thing as Eobard tries to return to the future, and Barry goes after him and somehow goes back in time to save his mom.  This breaks things and we have the beginnings of the Flashpoint Paradox movie, but Barry has his memories of the other reality without the superspeed powers.  How will this affect the DCCU? (DC Cinematic Universe)  Will Barry attempt to recreate the event to get his powers back to fix everything?  Will Barry profess his love to Iris in this reality?  Will the “real” Professor Wells please stand up?  Will John Wesley Shipp get superspeed instead of Barry? (now that would be cool…)  I can’t wait to see this episode, plus the trailer for the finale.