Why DC Comics may lose the Super Hero movie wars.


Now on Comicbook.com, they have an article stating that a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie may be in the works as a fill-in between Justice League themed mega- blockbusters.  While I like the characters of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold (more Blue Beetle than Booster), I think this is a bad idea.  There is not enough there between the two characters to fill a movie script.  You won’t have enough time to do justice an origin story on both characters, as well as fill the time with a villain suitable enough for them to take on.

That is why I think that DC will lose the movie wars to Marvel over the next couple of years.  Look at the formula Marvel spun, you know you want to do a big super group story, but you have to introduce the audience to the players first.  So you plan it out years in advance.  You do at least 1-2 single hero stories (in the case of Iron Man, 3), then bring the whole group together to fight a menace on a global scale.  Nothing too big on the first outing, a crazy Asgardian and an alien army.  Then you do a couple of more single hero stories, then your second team movie where the bad guy is progressively bigger in scale (yes I put Ultron higher on the ladder than Loki…feh), and as the years progress, several more single hero/multi-hero movies to keep the fans interested.  Now here’s the kicker…all of these are leading up to the biggest team up of them all, where they go COSMIC!  This formula keeps you hooked in for several years searching the inter-webs for every scrap of info about these characters, speculating on various outcomes and salivating for more.

Now as far as DC goes, they so far have re-booted 2 of their most iconic characters several times over, passed over a third character for a feature film and instead opted to give that character a guest shot on an upcoming movie along with possible two more iconic character “guest-shots”.  Wonder Woman deserves her own stand alone movie.  The character has more depth than anyone wants to believe, trying to balance her Amazonian responsibilities with those of living in “man’s world”.  Both the Flash and Aquaman need their own movies, especially with the breakout success of the CW network’s series of the same name.  If you want to do a Justice League movie, you need to introduce the characters again.  That is what Marvel did right, they “introduced” us to the characters all over again before putting them together in one movie.marvelstheavengersposters

Another thing they need to do if they want to do a Justice League movie, is not go against a “cosmic” threat right off the bat, build up to it.  Darkseid is a good adversary, but let’s start off smaller like Luthor and the Legion of Doom.  it could be that the villains get together because the ever increasing population of heroes, is getting out of hand and they need to band together.  This prompts the heroes to do the same.  Or as they did with the animated series, an alien invasion threatens the Earth again, and it is too much for Superman to handle.  So he calls in the cavalry and realizes that as a group, they can combat evil more effectively.  Then you build up to taking on Darkseid, like the Avengers are doing with Thanos.

It has taken DC some time to get up to speed with it’s movies, but as long as they don’t jump the gun, think sensibly, and follow winning formulas like they did on the CW, they may come out on the positive side in the super hero movie wars.