GenCan’t recap-8/2/2015

Well another GenCan’t has come and gone, and I have to say, this one was more spectacular than last year’s.  I had some good times with my family, got a chance to spend some money on my 10yr old and buy him some shoes for school, got back into tech with this new Chromebook I discovered at the pawn shop,  and to top it off, got to eat some great home cooked food.  The best part of GenCan’t, was the news about my apartment I am moving into in 12 days.  Next year, I hope to attend GenCon, and give a report on all the festivities and people I meet.


The Flash-Trailer recap: Rogue Air (or Villain team up powers “Activate”)

Pre-Justice League pose anyone?

Well we have all seen the trailer to the next episode of The Flash.  We know that this is the showdown between Eobard and Barry, with Barry calling in some help from both The Arrow and Firestorm.  But what we don’t know is that this will not be the only fight that we will see in this episode, as Barry makes a deal with Captain Cold to help him get the rest of the Metas out as Eobard activates the particle accelerator at the end of the last episode and says, “time to go home”.  As we all know, if the accelerator kicks into overdrive, it will spell the end of all the Metas that are imprisoned there.

Can you really trust Cold and Golden Glider?

Now we all know that villains will be villains, and Cold will betray Barry at some point. as this next picture shows us, when spilling  out from the trailer are Weather Wizard, The Mist, Rainbow Raider, Deadbolt, and finally, PeekaBoo.  This will be an interesting fight as Barry may have to take it to the next level to defeat them all before he takes on Thawne.

Rogues Gallery-ASSEMBLE! (yes I had to go there…)

Now one of the highlights of the trailer is the showdown between Flash and Eobard when Ollie and Ronnie show up and say, “I hope we’re not too late”.  Next Barry says, you can’t fight all three of us, then Eobard states, “this is going to be fun.”  We then get to see the costume ring in action as Thawne activates his ring and puts on his costume…all I can say at that is AWESOME!

Costume ring, do your thing!

The other thing you have to remember is that this is not the season finale!  I think that will be a Flashpoint kind of thing as Eobard tries to return to the future, and Barry goes after him and somehow goes back in time to save his mom.  This breaks things and we have the beginnings of the Flashpoint Paradox movie, but Barry has his memories of the other reality without the superspeed powers.  How will this affect the DCCU? (DC Cinematic Universe)  Will Barry attempt to recreate the event to get his powers back to fix everything?  Will Barry profess his love to Iris in this reality?  Will the “real” Professor Wells please stand up?  Will John Wesley Shipp get superspeed instead of Barry? (now that would be cool…)  I can’t wait to see this episode, plus the trailer for the finale.

The FLASH: The Beginning of the Rogues Gallery

Captain Cold and Heat Wave
Captain Cold and Heat Wave

Before I begin, I would like to thank the fine folks over at Nerds of Color for the cool animated gifs, as I can’t edit pictures worth a darn…

Check out their site, mighty fine reading…

So this weeks episode of the Flash had us watching Barry train to make himself faster to go up against the Reverse Flash.  Notice I said Reverse Flash, not Professor Zoom, as a lot of people have said.  After the Christmas finale where Barry got his butt handed to him by the Reverse Flash, and the big reveal at the end with Professor Wells speaking like Reverse Flash, everyone was saying that how can this be?  Well we know Wells is from the future, as he has that secret room in the lab with that paper stating that Flash disappears after averting a “Crisis”.

This gives us the start of the second half of the season: Barry realizes his shortcomings and knows that he needs to work to close the gap between him and Reverse Flash. We see Barry suited up and training against a souped-up toy copter/tri-carrier that uses its machine guns to pepper Flash with bullets.

Barry then aks Cisco “is that all you got?”  Cisco then looks at Wells and he says “bring it!” The mini tri-carrier then fires a missile (which is highly illegal BTW…I’m just saying…) at Barry who when the first missile hits,he rolls on the ground, and then he stands off against the next one that is about to be fired at him. The Zoom crew (I know…bad pun…) is concerned that he’s just standing there. Caitlin asks,  “Why is he not running?”, while.Dr. Wells/Professor Zoom (yes I said it, not the Reverse Flash…) starts to get up a little bit from his chair like he wants to speed over there to intervene. Barry looks at the missile as if he is looking at Reverse Flash.  We then get one of the greatest scenes so far in the show as Barry dodges the missile, grabs it, spins, and throws it back to the tri-carrier.

Best scene ever!
Best scene ever!

After a brief cool down (I know, another bad pun…)  Wells commends Barry as he is finishing a whole lot of Big Mac’s (not sure if they are, but the box is standard shape for Micky D’s…), but it’s still not enough.  He tells Barry that he needs to be more to beat the Reverse Flash. Wells tells Cisco that he likes the name “Reverse Flash” and I give a chuckle…well maybe crack a smile.  Barry then asks Cisco does he have any more tri-carriers and he says yeah and these have lasers…lasers?  Seriously?  If missiles weren’t illegal enough, you gotta bring lasers?  Sheesh…


Crashing into a customs warehouse in the next scene are the Rogues: Captain Cold (aka Leonard Snart) and Heat Wave (aka Mick Rory).  Cold wants to bait the Flash so he can kill him (same old, same old…),  but he doesn’t come speeding by the un-dynamic duo leave with a new plan to steal a multi-million dollar painting called Fire and Ice to get the speedster’s attention.

After Barry and Professor Zoom/Wells have a pow-wow, Barry tells Joe that he needs to focus on getting stronger and faster to defeat Reverse Flash. Joe looks upset at the news, but respects Barry’s decision while we see the subtle look in his eyes that says Wells had a hand in this decision.

Professor Zoom/Wells and Cisco are at CCPD showing off some new coating for the riot shields.  One of the officers yells out,  “You guys exploded our city last year. I don’t think I trust you yet.” Cisco takes a deep breath, (I like Carlos Ramon…) and apologizes,  Even after the heartfelt apology and demonstration, the Captain is still not so sure about Star Labs yet.

While this is going on, Caitlin and Barry try to figure out the meaning of “Firestorm” from what Ronnie said last episode.  Barry has an epiphany and suggests it’s an acronym. F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. means: “Fusion, Ignition, Research Experiment and Science of Transmutation Originating RNA and Molecular Structures”. Catlins finds a paper online written by Dr. Martin Stein and Jason Rusch (two other characters who at one time made up one half of the hero Firestorm.). There are 800 pages all about it and Barry makes me wish I had super speed, and reads all of it. Caitlin goes off to find Jason Rusch to get more answers.

Speed reading at it’s finest!

The Rathaways who arrive back in Central City are the rich owners of the multi-million painting, and his assistant tells them that their son, Hartley called again, to which Rathaway Sr.states, “We have no son anymore”,  (Tough love…) The party gets crashed by the Rogues!  Cold then states to all concerned, “Somebody better call 911!  (I was actually waiting for him to also say, “Oh you didn’t know?”)  The CCPD shows up with their shields and Captain Cold and Heat Wave shoot at them.  While Cold’s gun is useless right now, Heat Wave tries to upstage Cold by roasting the boys in blue. Cold tries to rein him in, but Heat Wave is on a roll, acting like a crazy, demented, pyro-maniac taunting the police with, “I don’t know why the call you guys the heat, I AM THE HEAT!” (Great line there…). Joe fires at the pair and manages to damage Heat Wave’s gun with a lucky bullet, which forces our duo to retreat back to the Rogue lair where they have an old school stare down.  Cold finally convinces Heat Wave that it is better to get rid of Flash so they can run roughshod over Central City.  Heat Wave seals the deal by setting the million dollar painting on fire.  (Stupid crazy man!)

I'm Mr Bleak Christmas, and I'm Mr Sun...
I’m Mr Bleak Christmas, and I’m Mr Sun…

Caitlin sets up a meeting with Jason Rusch at Jitters to ask about the FIRESTORM project. They talk about how Professor Stein does not like to play it safe and went to the next phase by melting a wall. (Can you say, Whoa there cowboy…) Then he tells her that the government confiscated all the research data and Professor Stein is missing. (Oooo…I know what happened…)  He then asks Caitlin, “Am I being too paranoid, or not enough?” (Personally I think he is not paranoid enough.  The MAN can make you disappear just like THAT!)  Caitlin leaves, and she is kidnapped by Captain Cold and Heat Wave.  Cold leaves ice all over her car as a signal to the cops as to who has Caitlin,  Joe calls Barry the next morning and he vows to Joe that he is going to get her back.  At CCPD, Barry and Joe watch Captain Cold’s TV message calling out the Flash, while Heat Wave gives a crazy speech to Caitlin about showing her true face, but Caitlin remains cool and strong telling him to leave Barry alone.

Barry decides to make his first public appearance after Captain Cold’s video outing, and the un-dynamic duo vs. the Scarlet Speedster begins. Cold and Heat Wave get suited up, and there are shots of Barry racing to the showdown and policemen going, “Whoa, what was that?!” Barry stands off against the Odd Couple, and Cold gives another great one-liner, “The Scarlet Speedster! Any preference on how you’d like to die? The flame or the frost?”


Barry and the gang came up with a plan to short out both guns ala Ghostbusters style by crossing the streams. (Who you gonna call?  Flash…)  Meanwhile Cisco is currently with Joe and successfully saving Caitlin in the Rogue lair.  After running around dodging hot and cold shots, (sounds like a drink I had a while ago.) Barry realizes that he actually has to slow down and trick the Rogues into crossing the streams. Also give kudos to Eddie as he jumped in front of Barry with his shield to protect him, while Iris watched. ( Which BTW, why was she there?  Just because they closed the coffee shop does not mean, let’s go see what my BF and my future hubby are doing…)

Who ya gonna call?  The Flash!
Who ya gonna call? The Flash!

Aftermath, Iris moves in with Eddie and Joe has those sad eyes saying, “Your’e not my little girl anymore.”   Barry and Iris have a talk about their relationship and that Barry does not want to lose Iris as a friend. She leaves smiling, but not before asking Joe can she take a picture of her and Barry with her,  Joe says sure as he probably wants Barry as a future son-in-law instead of  Eddie.  Joe and Barry have a sit down and share a cold one, and Barry comments that it is getting pretty hard to keep secret his speeding off at all hours of the night at his apartment.  Joe says he doesn’t know why Barry moved into that rat-trap (hey I lived in NYC in the 70’s, I know what a rat-trap is…)  Barry has a smirk on his face, and before you can say “BooYah!”, Barry has zipped out and back with his stuff.  Joe hands him a cold one, to which Barry says, “You know these do nothing for me” (Damn you and Captain America with your hyper metabolism…).

Sharing a cold one...
Sharing a cold one…

The best scene though is when our two villains are in the back of a prison van, and Heat Wave is reading Cold the riot act about he always has a plan.  Cold just smirks just as an explosion is heard outside and the van comes to a stop.  Heat Wave begins to lose it while Cold stays frosty.  We then see the back door open and Cold looks to the left and says, “Hi, sis…”  Those of you who don’t know, (and if you don’t shame on you…) Cold has a sister, and she goes by the moniker Golden Glider, another of Flash’s Rogues Gallery.  So they seem to be moving right along building up his Rogues Gallery with the addition of Golden Glider, that makes it three.  Next episode we get the Pied Piper, which  was alluded to in this episode.  Can’t wait till they get more, although they had Captain Boomerang on Arrow already.  Maybe he might show up in Central City to get the Flash.


Golden Glider and Chillblain
Golden Glider and Chillblain

Can’t wait for the next episode…I’m all a-tingle!

Hello 2015!


A new year and almost 2 months with no posts from me!  I feel so ashamed…I feel I have let you all down.  I could go on for hours and hours about this subject.  Sometimes I sound like a broken record.  I have decided to go the freelance route and offer my services in D6 gaming design, background settings and game reviews.  Once I get the transition finished, I will probably use Blogger for that, and this site for more of my rants and raves.   

Now, here comes the kicker…I have downloaded Scrivener to assist me in this endeavour.  I will give it a “try” before I scrounge up the $40 for the full version.  So far I have heard good things about it, but I want to give it a shot on my own..  Right now I do not have full access to a laptop/desktop computer to work more religiously on it, and with my bouts of arthritis, and procrastination, it may take me a bit longer to get some projects done.  So I will have to push myself more to accomplish anything, and not let my personal issues cloud my determination and drive.