Dark Fae Story Idea

The beginnings of a story idea... Centuries ago a Dark Fae names Azrael committed an ultimate sin by having an affair with a Summer Fae named Holly.  This went against the laws of both the Summer and Winter courts.  When the truth was found out, both were banished to the world of the living. Unknown … Continue reading Dark Fae Story Idea


Being a P.O.C. Gamer

Out of place… I am going to be turning 52 this Wednesday, and getting a year older has warranted me on reflecting on my previous years and being a geek/nerd/gamer P.O.C. (Person of Color). I went to my local gaming store several days ago, and they were having a Magic card tourney as well as … Continue reading Being a P.O.C. Gamer

Marvels Inhumans

Ep 1: Behold…The Inhumans So, before I get to the review of this episode, let me get this out of the way... LOCKJAW!  OMFG!  LOCKJAW!  I LOVE THIS PUPPY SO MUCH…! Whew…now that’s out of my system, let’s get professional here…Wait, I just can’t…LOCKJAW!  WHO IS A GOOD PUPPY!  YOU ARE!  YES, YOU ARE! Ahem…sorry … Continue reading Marvels Inhumans